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Migracorr Migraine Stopper

Migracorr Migraine Stopper

Migracorr Migraine Stopper

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What if we told you that you may not have to deal with the pain of migraines any longer...

Introducing the Migraine Stopper, a patient operated, portable pneumatic medical device created to assist in the treatment of migraines.

This ground-breaking device uses precise air pressure to stimulate BOTH the Trigeminal and Vagus nerve, to give migraines relief.

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Customer Reviews

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The jury is still out.

I haven't had any noticeable effects but I will persist for a little while longer.

Migraine stopper

Hi, so far so good, has diverted 3mini migraine,l use it twice a day as percaution

Hasn’t worked for me yet ☹️

Unfortunately this product didn’t work on my migraine at all. I will try it again when I have another one and will hopefully get a different outcome!


So far not much luck turning off migraines. I know I have the "suction" right & do several times of 30 pumps on R ear, then 2 times of 30 pumps on L ear. No turnoff. Then take my Zomig med for relief.

First use today - successful

Hi guys - I get pretty severe migraines (since the age of 5!) that start with a 'blind spot' on one side that eventually turns into a blinding, strobing crescent blocking half my vision. This lasts an hour before vision is regained - but then the terrible pain starts. About 15 mins ago, I just started to get the dreaded blind spot on my left side (this usually means the migraine will be located on the right side of my brain/head). I used my Migraine Stopper immediately on my right ear and within seconds the blind spot disappeared. I continued doing 30-pump rounds for a total of four rounds - and I'm typing this with full vision, seemingly recovered. This is my first use of the Stopper and it's pretty amazing so far - I'm hoping it works this well every time. UPDATE: Now 90 mins later - I am pain free and doing well, by now I would usually be at home in bed but instead I'm still at work, which is kind of miraculous because I always have had to go home the minute one starts. I am a little dizzy/funny feeling because clearly the migraine was real, but I pump every 20 mins or so and the dizziness clears and reduces. I'm a happy man. Wish I could share my earpiece and not just my experience.