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The world's first patient operated, portable pneumatic medical device, created to assist in the treatment of migraine. It uses precise air pressure to stimulate both the trigeminal & vagus nerve to turn off the migraine pain.

Why Migraine Stopper‚ĄĘÔłŹ

Clinically Proven

Proven to stop the pain of migraines. Based on a clinical study*

Fast Acting

Relief is typically felt within minutes!

Natural Remedy

No drugs necessary, or drug side effects. No prescriptions necessary

Multi-Stage Use

Can be used during prodrome, migraine attack and postdrome phases

Preventative Therapy

Studies shown Migraine Stopper helps reduce number of attacks

Portable - Affordable

Lightweight, small and easy to carry with you anywhere! One-off purchase, no refills, unlimited uses!


"For the times that I use the device, it either paused the migraine from getting worse or completely stopped it all together. I genuinely couldn’t recommend the Migraine Stopper™ÔłŹ enough. Devices like these need support to make such a fantastic solution become readily available to the general public."

"Suffering from Migraines for the past 15 years. The pain was so intense, all I wanted to do was stay in complete silence in a dark room every time.Finally I used the Migraine Stopper™ÔłŹ for a month. I tried it every time I had a migraine. It really reduced my pain, and I could do so many extra things in my life since migraines where not taking all of my time."

"When I used the Migraine Stopper™ÔłŹ I was amazed by it. I’ve tried so many different techniques to get rid of my migraines before so it’s fantastic to find something that actually works. I was surprised that a non-medicinal option could be so effective. I’ll certainly use the Migraine Stopper™ÔłŹ in the future and I’d advise anyone with chronic migraines to do the same."

"My initial sceptisism was completely blown away after using the Migraine Stopper™ÔłŹ for the first time!As a migraine sufferer for more than fifty years, I was resigned to getting little or no relief from conventional drugs.My first experience using the device was an enormous relief. It almost totally alleviated the worst symptoms. In fact the migraine didn’t eventuate – first time this had EVER happened. What a relief! The debilitating effects all but disappeared.I highly recommend the Migraine StopperTM for all migraine sufferers!"

"I have suffered from migraines since a teenager. Constantly suffering from migraines has affected my ability to function on a daily basis. From missing days at work to being in a constant haze of pain. I tried the Migraine Stopper™ÔłŹ expecting it to fail, just as numerous other medications and products have failed in the past, but just using the Migraine Stopper™ÔłŹ a few times my migraines have been reduced to nearly nil. I can’t believe how much this product has helped me."

"I started using this device a few weeks ago and it has given me a very good result. Most importantly not needing to take any medications within these weeks definitely encouraged me to use this device.Very handy, easy to use/apply and works instantly. I would definitely recommend anyone suffering from a severe migraine to use this magical device. I am very much satisfied!Thank you Dr. Adam."


The future of migraine therapy is now here


The migraine stopper™ÔłŹ is the world’s first patient operated medical device designed to stimulate the trigeminal nerve and vagus nerve at the same time for the relief of migraine


Dr. Adam Meredith (Chiropractor)

"Migraines are not just bad headaches, they are a debilitating neurological disease. I was shocked by how much my migraine patients suffered when I first started in practice."

Dr. Meredith graduated in 1998 with a Masters in Chiropractic from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. In 2001 he established the first of his four practice's in North Sydney and was accepted as a lecturer and clinic supervisor at Macquarie University. He is a mentor and public speaker, and his expertise has been sought by orthopedic surgeons as far away as Shanghai. In 2015 he turned his attention and expertise from low back pain to migraines.

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