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Dr. Adam Meredith (Chiropractor)

The motivation to search for a Migraine solution.

"Migraines were causing my patients a lot of misery and they were really missing out on life."

My focus in the early days was on low back pain. I had suffered a lot of back pain after I broke my back (barefoot water skiing accident when I was 18) and incurred a subsequent lumbar slipped disc. I looked at every technique and research paper I could, to get the best resources and latest information for my patients and for myself. My practices became very good at helping clients with low back issues. Of course, during this time I also saw many patients with headaches and migraines.

Headaches were typically very responsive to therapy but with migraines, it was a different story. Although I certainly had good clinical results with some patients, many migraine sufferers responded little or not at all to therapy. 

It was clear that migraine sufferers were simply not just having bad headaches. Migraines are a complicated neurological disease and can be incredibly debilitating. Migraines were causing my patients a lot of misery and they were really missing out on life.

My first-hand experience of migraines occurred early in my career, as my girlfriend at the time suffered from classic migraines. I got a clear picture of what it was like living with migraines. Until you see someone suffer you cannot really understand what wretched condition migraines are, how they can ruin lives, and stop sufferers from enjoying things that most of us take for granted. 

Plans for a relaxing night at home would be hijacked all the time. Planned weekends away would be ruined by a migraine attack, planned family catch-ups, canceled. Phone calls to her work had to be made, to say she could not come in that day.

Another thing l observed was the migraine postdrome. Often patients would describe it as a really bad hangover that happened once their migraine pain had subsided. My patients were telling me that they felt off or unwell, like the feeling of being hungover and this could last hours or days, further prolonging the misery of their migraines. 

I really felt for my migraine patients, and how much they suffered and was always on the lookout for a better way to help them.

How the Migraine Stopper™️ came to be.

"I read the study and was convinced it was the right direction to help my migraine patients."

​During my Masters, I studied neuromodulation with the use of TENS machines (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). I found the concept of using a nerve stimulation to block the pain clever and very appealing, it was clearly effective, safe, non-invasive, and did not use drugs.

More than a decade later a colleague told me about a small pilot case study that used neuromodulation to stop migraine pain. The author of the study was using air pressure to stimulate nerves of the ear canal and eardrum to turn off the pain of migraine.

I read the study and was convinced it was the right direction to help my migraine patients.

I had a bunch of patients who were migraine sufferers, so we told them to come to the clinic when they had a migraine. The results were nothing short of incredible. Myself, my staff, and my patients were literally blown away. Time and time again we were able to calm down or completely stop the pain of migraine, typically within minutes, using air pressure and neuromodulation. I could not tell you who had a more surprised look on their face, the patients or myself. 

So news spread and patients were coming to my practices to get migraine relief. The problem was that they had to come into the clinic to get relief. Often they were too sick to drive to us, and of course often had migraines when our offices were closed. 

One day I had a friend phone me, suffering a really bad migraine, so I made a house call for her. Again the therapy worked, and it was just so obvious that I needed to make a device that migraine sufferers could take home. The device needed to be easy to use, and small enough to be carried. This would enable patients to shut down their migraines the moment they felt them coming on, and get on with their day. 

From that desire, 24 months later, after many prototype redesigns, much testing, and great feedback and support from my patients, the Migracorr Migraine Stopper™️ was born.