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About The Migraine Stopper™️


The Migraine Stopper™️ is the world's first patient operated, portable pneumatic medical device, created to assist in the treatment of migraine.

It is the ONLY device that use precise positive and negative air pressure to STIMULATE BOTH the Vagus & Trigeminal cranial nerves in the ear canal, to achieve ‘double action’ neuromodulation.

The device has been clinically used in Dr. Adam Meredith's Sydney practices over the last 5 years.

His in-house clinical trial showed that 83% of his patients got significant reduction or turned off their migraines.

Clinically proven

Fast acting

Natural remedy

preventative therapy

Multistage use



"Migraines are truly horrible and there just wasn't any good non-drug options available for my patients. I hope that this device can get to as many sufferers as possible because it really works.
This is the future of migraine therapy"


Migraine Stopper deviceMigraine Stopper in the caseA woman is using Migraine Stopper
Migraine StopperMigraine Stopper case

Migracorr Migraine Stopper

$175.00 USD 🇺🇸

$249.00 AUD 🇦🇺

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How to use Migraine Stopper
Woman is using Migraine StopperMigraine StopperMigraine Stopper in the case
A woman is using Migraine Stopper

"When I used the Migraine Stopper I was amazed by it. I’ve tried so many different techniques to get rid of my migraines before so it’s fantastic to find something that actually works. I was surprised that a non-medicinal option could be so effective. I’ll certainly use the Migraine Stopper in the future and I’d advise anyone with chronic migraines to do the same."
-Olivia James

Migracorr Migraine Stopper™️

22 Reviews

$175.00 USD 🇺🇸

$249.00 AUD 🇦🇺

(Note: the currency on check-out page will be displayed in Australian dollar)

Afterpay available

The Migraine Stopper uses neuromodulation to turn off the symptoms of a migraine. 

What is Neuromodulation you ask? This is the activation of a specific nerve to help alleviate a symptom in a patient.

It comes with modern packaging and is designed to be carried in your handbag so you can start the treatments anytime - anywhere.

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Free Delivery
PayPal and AfterPay available
100% No Risk - 90 Days Money Back Guarantee 

A device that allows you to treat your migraine anytime, anywhere

The Migraine Stopper™️ is lightweight, portable and easy to use.

With only a few simple steps, you will be on your way to either reducing or completely stopping, your migraine symptoms and pain. 

It is clinically proven and can be used in different migraine stages (Prodrome - Actual Migraine Attack - Postdrome). Case study

"My initial sceptisism was completely blown away after using the Migraine Stopper for the first time!As a migraine sufferer for more than fifty years, I was resigned to getting little or no relief from conventional drugs. My first experience using the device was an enormous relief. It almost totally alleviated the worst symptoms. In fact the migraine didn’t eventuate – first time this had EVER happened. What a relief! The debilitating effects all but disappeared.I highly recommend the Migraine Stopper for all migraine sufferers!"

- Ruth Langdon -

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$175.00 USD 🇺🇸

$249.00 AUD 🇦🇺


(Note: the currency on check-out page will be displayed in Australian dollar)

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What are people saying about The Migraine Stopper™️?

"It was like swallowing the migraine"

-Lisa's first experience with the Migraine Stopper

“I started using the Migraine Stopper recommended by Dr Adam Meredith last month. It’s very easy to use and it helps a lot to reduce and diminish the pain. I used it about 4 times on my left ear and then once on my right ear to reduce the pain. It has helped me tremendously and usually takes about 15 to 20 mins to turn off my migraine"

-Alif Farooque

“During the course of the trial I experienced two migraines, or migraine onset feelings, and used the stopper. On both occasions in made a difference – the second time, combined with a large glass of water, the pain disappeared after an hour and I didn’t suffer from the migraine hangover the next day – SUCCESS!I can’t wait until the product is available to buy – I really didn’t want to give the prototype back after the trial period"

-Juliet Rogers

"Too good to be true"

-Kayesh's experience with the Migraine Stopper

“I used the Migraine Stopper on a number of occasions and can say it has definitely helped with managing the pain. Additional symptoms like nausea and sensitivity to light and smells were also diminished after using the devise. THANK YOU!"

-Catherine Co

“The thought of this product being able to stop a migraine that paracetamol or ibuprofen couldn't, seemed like joke! But my friend recommended I try it and it was the best purchase I've made. I get migraines at least once a month and have tried everything to stop them, now I finally don't have to live in fear of migraines. Thanks Dr Adam!!!.”

-Kara Richards

"I also found that it reduces the frequency of my migraine"

-Jo's experience with the Migraine Stopper

“I started using this device a few weeks ago and it has given me a very good result. Most importantly not needing to take any medications within these weeks definitely encouraged me to use this device. Very handy, easy to use/apply and works instantly. I would definitely recommend anyone suffering from a severe migraine to use this magical device. I am very much satisfied! Thank you Dr. Adam"

-Helen Tamang

“The Migraine Stopper is a great, medicine free, way to treat my chronic migraines. I found that I was able to prevent almost 3/4 of my migraines with relative ease. It was great to discover a product had such a significant impact without needing to take any new medicines. I can definitely see myself including the Migraine Stopper in my treatments of my migraines. I would highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from migraines and is searching for a non-medicinal solution."

-Olivier James

"I'm so glad that I've discovered this..."

-A mother who has been suffering from migraine for more than 27 years.

“Ive never written a testimonial for any product before this but I just HAD to email you! I purchased your migraine stopper last week and it arrived in the post on Friday. I bought it for my daughter, who over the last 8 - 10 weeks has had debilitating migraines. She has had an MRI, blood tests, pretty strong prescription migraine medication etc. It has been so bad we have tried chriopractic, hypnotherapy, Bowen, accupuncture and although it reduced the migraine from a 10 to say a 7.5 she still couldnt see the day out at work. I used to come to you years ago when I worked in Walker Street North Sydney. So when we came across your product (and knowing you and your professionalism) I thought it was worth a try. My daughter came over on Friday night after work (already with a migraine) we watched your video a couple of times and then she went to work. She used it for 8 cycles and it "turned the migraine off". I cant tell you how thrilled we are! A product that works! Its only Monday and she has continued to use it all weekend. Every time she gets a "niggle" she is using migrainestopper. She sent me a text this afternoon to say she hadn't taken any pain medication at all today!!! Whats even more exciting (for me) I have suffered from trigeminal neuralgia for 34 years. It started again on Sunday morning. I did about 10 or 11 cycles with the migrainestopper and it turned it off and I haven't had any pain since." 

-Maureen Burton

“I’ve been a migraine suffered for 50 years, and I’ve tried every new drug that’s been available, finally settling on an old drug which didn’t give me so many side effects. A friend told me she had heard of the Migraine Stopper, which was being trialled, and urged me to get on the trial. I made inquiries really without any hope of any success for me, as I have tried everything new remedy for migraines that I’ve heard of, but the fact that it wasn’t a drug was so much in its favour. The first migraine I had after I took home the Migraine Stopper was quite severe and I was amazed when it disappeared within 10 minutes of using the device. This has not happened every time since, but each time the pain was considerably lessened. In the beginning, occasional headaches resisted the Migraine Stopper, but with consistent use, I’ve found all headaches cease within half to one hour. Another wonderful result is that I am not getting headaches nearly as frequently – going for weeks or more without any. I’d say there’s been at least 90% improvement in my migraines, and therefore in my life! I wish I’d had access to the Migraine Stopper years ago!”

-Robyn Dennis

“The Migraine Stopper, has helped me get great relief from my migraines. I have been having migraines for the past 3 years and medications, acupuncture, nothing, has worked for me so far.But to my surprise the Migraine Stopper has really helped me.I normally get most of my migraines at night time, and they always make the next morning difficult to get out of bed as I usually wake with a very heavy head, and still strong head pain on the right side.When I use the Migraine Stopper at night it dramatically reduces my migraine so I can sleep and then when I wake up I feel refreshed and rested like I can start the day properly!"

-Grisham Glan

“Previous to using the Migraine Stopper, I tried everything that Dr’s recommended to me, e.g. acupuncture, exercise and drugs never really worked for me. Only strong medication available through prescription worked, but it didn’t work every time and then there was the side effects of taking the medication repeatedly which is not ideal. Once being given the Migraine Stopper to try, I was able to successfully “turn off” about 4 migraines in a 3 month period and reduce a “very severe” to a manageable migraine. After using the Migraine Stopper for those 3 months, I then noticed that I had barely any further migraines after that for 2 months which was rare for me. I am very grateful that such a simple, drug free treatment exist that not only assist with stopping, but preventing my migraines."

- Matthew Gray

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